Tips for choosing a good quality gypsum board

Tips for choosing a good quality gypsum board

Now more and more people are using gypsum board as a building material in their homes. Usually, this building material is used as a room partition and also a ceiling. Gypsum has the main advantage that it is lighter in weight and the installation process is very easy. Another reason that is often the basis for choosing gypsum is its durability which is quite good. Although the price is cheaper, good gypsum also has the same quality as teak. Even the quality of gypsum is much better than plywood.

Lately, gypsum manufacturers have even innovated again by issuing products that are water-resistant and fire-resistant. Of course, this creativity will further increase the attractiveness of someone to use gypsum board. Currently, there are many brands of gypsum board in the Indonesian market. Honest gypsum manufacturers usually dare to inform that their products are in which class. But not a few gypsum producers are naughty. Many consumers who choose the wrong choice complain that the gypsum they use quickly swells and breaks.

For those of you who are interested in using gypsum board and now intend to buy it at a building shop, you should first pay attention to the points below when choosing it. This is a quick guide to choosing high quality gypsum. To know more about technology computer you can visit this site ntt-infolead

Choose a Famous Brand

The level of trust of a brand will never deceive you about the quality it has. So you should buy gypsum made by a reputable manufacturer. In addition to the proven quality, well-known manufacturers are usually able to provide good after sales service if in the future you experience problems from the gypsum board product that has been purchased. The price of the gypsum product is also more competitive. In addition, this gypsum has also been labeled with standards such as British Standard (BS) or American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Take the one that offers warranty

No matter how good a man-made item is, sooner or later it will be damaged too. However, you will experience huge losses if the gypsum that has been installed earlier is damaged faster than expected. This is where the importance of the warranty for you. The guarantee will ensure you get goods with quality that matches the price paid. Even if you are unlucky to get a defective product, but if there is a warranty that comes with it, then you can still exchange the product that is actually not suitable for use with a new one.

Make sure the sheet is even

Gypsum for room partitions is sold in the form of sheets of a certain size. You can judge the quality visually simply by paying attention to the consistency of this gypsum board sheet, whether it is flat or not. As for the quality of the level of stiffness can be assessed when the gypsum was piled up. High quality gypsum boards will have absolutely no gaps between the piles. The gypsum can stack tightly against the gypsum sheet that is above or below it. This means that the surface of this gypsum is indeed flat.

The face of the board feels smooth

Another factor that is also important to consider in choosing gypsum is the texture on the surface. A good gypsum board always has a face that feels so smooth when you touch it. This is because the gypsum pores are small enough so that the texture feels smoother. This is very useful because it has a big effect on the results of the painting. A smooth gypsum surface will give a neater painting result. Also, make sure that the adhesive backing paper doesn’t peel off easily, even if you accidentally tear it.

Gypsum is not easy to break

Of course, the gypsum board you buy must be really strong and sturdy, yes. Never buy boards that break easily, even if they are cheaper. Because the broken gypsum board can’t be repaired anymore. It’s different if the board just has holes, you can fix it by using compound or plaster. To determine the level of strength of a gypsum board, you simply lift the sheet. If when the gypsum is lifted it feels brittle and not solid, it means that it is likely that the gypsum board was easily broken.

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