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Participants were selected because they held senior positions in traditional or digital born publishing companies and were responsible for aspects of digital strategy. Job titles included Editor in Chief, CEO, Head of Digital, Chief Product Officer, Director of Video etc. See also Charlie, Tempo and a range of other apps looking to organise your life in a context aware way. Is a new group video chat from the creators of Meerkat, the pioneering live streaming app. Part of its appeal lies in its simplicity – people indicate that they are available to chat – but it is also independent of giants like Facebook and Google which adds extra credibility. ”We want to create an ecosystem for the fashion designers and software designers to come together,” says project lead Ivan Poupyrev said.

  • Academics from Bangor Law and the school of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering have gained recognition for their collaborative work in data visualisation.
  • Simona Casonatois a curator of Media, ICT and Digital Culture collections at the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milan, Italy.
  • Expect controversies over which fact-checking services are used, who is funding them and why.
  • While these may not survive as a stand-alone apps expect platforms like Snapchat to integrate these kinds of technologies this year.

For so-called digital natives, this may be palatable; for older people, it is the disturbing end of something we thought was forever. As one of the ten most-visited sites, it is a godsend for lazy students, instant gratification for sudden questions, and a reliable source of news, most of the time. This has caused a number of temporary, fictitious reports on Bruce Springsteen, Maggie Thatcher, and Barack Obama’s inauguration. It also has to maintain its authority as other competitors, like Citizendium and Google, try to stake their claim.

Captec to Support The Royal Marines Charity in Historic Expedition

A Chicago start-up, called The Printed Blog, wants to print blog posts on paper, fund it with hyper-local advertising, and distribute it free in big cities. It is true that many free papers have continued to survive where paid ones have failed. They tend to be local, keep local residents informed, and encourage local businesses to advertise. One possible blueprint for the NYT is the successful, finance-raising Huffington Post, which uses aggregation, a wide range of contributors and continues to grow original reporting. The NYT would be able to add to its own mix contributors who can set agendas, do in-depth investigations, and break high-level news. With this new mix, the NYT may be able to return to what it does best, rather than trying to fit in with the prevailing lifestyle omnibuses currently filling up newsagents.

“The ‘gamification’ and addictive response of social media is something that’s really hard to disrupt.” There’s no doubt social media for instance, opens-up access to vast amounts of knowledge, valuable self-governed communities, and flourishing cultural movements. The Laboratory enables you to undertake practical work assignments using facilities that you would find in the modern digital media industry. Hackathon and Computing Society and Film Society are just a few that you can join to get involved in events, workshops and social sessions. Each society is led by a team of student volunteers, and you can join at any point throughout your time here.

Messaging Applications and News Bots

Simona Casonatois a curator of Media, ICT and Digital Culture collections at the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milan, Italy. She has been working at the museum since 2003 as a video producer, screenwriter, content manager, historian and curator. She currently participates in academic research projects in media studies, museology and history of science and technology, in Italy and abroad. Circuits of Practice’s Digital Atelier is an ensemble developing alternative, challenging, creative ways of understanding and sharing the project’s findings. Led by Kimon Keramidas and Ross Parry , it aims to develop alternative and challenging ways of understanding and sharing Circuits of Practice’s findings. Over the last two years, an international network of cultural organisations and scholars within Circuits of Practice has been reflecting upon the ways museums narrate computing history.

Time to lift the ban on asylum

Expect to see more allegations that websites supported by Russian president Vladimir Putin are trying to undermine the democratic process – particularly in former communist countries. The Czech government is setting up an ‘anti-fake news’ unit to monitor around 40 websites pushing conspiracy theories and inaccurate information about migrants in the run up to October elections. With democracy increasingly in the firing line, Facebook’s new Head of News will have their work cut out in 2017. Online and social media remain the most popular sources of news in Indonesia with our more urban sample but TV and radio remain important for the millions of people who are not online. The majority of internet news access is via smartphones (85%) with computers much less popular. Fitch Ratings has predicted more newspapers “will be liquidated in 2009 and several cities could go without a daily print newspaper by 2020”.

We have announced the availability of two new off-the-shelf in-vehicle tablet and dock solutions. Making use of our strategic partnerships, we have specified Professional and Enterprise packages to provide mobile workforces with tablet technology that… This acquisition, coupled with our experience in end-to-end industrial applications, will create one of the world’s most powerful and disruptive range of computers for embedded, edge… Amelia Tayloris a graduate of the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester (‘20) where she specialized in heritage studies.