Interior Doors: 6 Door Models In Japanese Design.

Interior Doors: 6 Door Models In Japanese Design.

Interior doors: If you’re looking for inspiration for a minimalist door model, why not just try the Japanese design? The model is simple but can enhance the aesthetics of the interior!

Many people tend to underestimate the design of this door.
The reason is, that they assess the presence of the door does not really affect the balance of the interior design of the house.
In fact, without doors, the interior of the house will not look complete and harmonious.

Therefore, the design must also pay attention to other house-building elements. Then, if you looking for information about the music you can visit this site yoga-ez

Japandi design is a type of interior that combines Japanese and Scandinavian concepts. So, its simple design can blend into all types and concepts of the house, turning it into a more modern one.

Do not believe?
Come on, let’s see the pictures in the review below!

Minimalist Door Model in the style of Japandi Design. A Beautiful and Modern Traditional Touch!

1. Interior Sliding Ventilated Doors

The first Japanese-style minimalist door model is from wood.

The hallmark of a traditional Japanese house is that the door is open by sliding. So, you can use this type of door as the main door. But its function can also turn into a partition between rooms if you position the door in the middle of the house.

2. Shoji Doors

Want to strengthen the interior design of a traditional Japanese house at home?

Use this one-door design!

This door model is inspired by the Japanese sliding door called shoji.

Shoji is made of a combination of wood and paper which is then designed into a slim door.
Apart from using paper, you can also use other materials such as cloth or glass.

3. Stylish Japanese Doors

The Japanese design looks thick on this minimalist door model.
The door is dominated by white, in harmony with the monochrome concept of the room. Then, the door model is made very sleek and modern.

The door handle is designed in such a way as not to protrude and spoil the aesthetics of the model.

4. Japanese Interior Doors design Retro

Still discussing the minimalist Japanese-style door model, this time the design is unique with a touch of retro style.

The design is to make a hole in the door in the middle. Then, give a frame to emphasize the shape.

Although this door model was popular in the 80s, you can apply it at home in Japan.

Use wood material to strengthen the traditional feel of the house.

5. Japan Door in Glass

The next minimalist door design still combines two modern materials, namely wood, and glass.

The way to open it is by sliding it, the main material is wood and glass. Then, not only for Japanese houses, but you can also use the door model in other modern-concept houses such as industrial.

To make it look cooler, coat the wooden frame with polish so that it looks even more beautiful and smooth!

6. Japanese doors in the style of Barn Door

Running out of ideas for what other modern door models you can use in a Japandi concept house?
On barn farms, they use barn doors. Then, the door is from wood, and in order to open it, you have to push or slide it
For a house with the Japanese concept, you can choose wood with a dark or light color that suits your taste!

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