Exterior House Features That Will Increase Your Curb Peal

Your facade, driveway, fences, and yard all contribute to the curb appeal, which is the overall attractiveness of your house. For this reason, your exterior design should receive the same amount of thought and planning as the interior’s aesthetic.

To boost the value of your curb appeal, you should focus on beautiful and inviting additions that embrace the modern style. Check out these design ideas for exterior house features to elevate your humble abode.

Be Creative With Your Architectural Features

If your home needs a structural update, you can choose among many materials to stylize and reinforce your property. Wood is one of the most popular options because it exudes a natural quality and delivers function and charm. It’s also a versatile material that works well with many house styles, such as Craftsman, farmhouse, and contemporary. You can use wood for doors, fences, columns, soffits, and siding.

You can also combine two or more materials for your architectural features. For example, you can pair wooden shades with your glass terrace railings for a more natural style. Or, you can incorporate stone walls on the ground floor and expose concrete on your upper levels to make each floor visually distinct. Ask your architect, designer, or builder which combinations mesh well aesthetic-wise.

Maximize Your Landscape and Hardscape

Designing your exterior house features doesn’t only cover your structure. You should also invest in residential landscaping, as it is a big part of your curb appeal. One move to ensure a delicately tended landscape is hiring professionals who come equipped with the skill and experience in shaping and maintaining your grounds. A gorgeous lawn and garden should tick three boxes:

  • It should be well-kept.
  • It should be proportionate to the house.
  • It should evoke an emotional reaction.

If you want to add shape and color to your landscape, adding greenery such as plants, shrubs, and trees is a must. Make sure to arrange your plantings in groupings and masses based on different textures and hues. Doing so will add movement, contrast, and color to your landscape.

To optimize your outdoor space, you should integrate hardscape and landscape materials into your design. When choosing the materials, carefully consider which ones work well with your house’s architectural aspects.

For example, if you’re shopping for hardscape materials for your patio, factor the scale, color, and texture into your final decision. It’s also helpful to ask yourself whether your patio can accommodate large parties or if it’s enough for your family unit.

Add Window Trims

Every structural aspect contributes to your home’s curb appeal. Your windows, in particular, complement the overall style of your property. To enhance this aesthetic detail, you may want to consider window trims for your exteriors. The addition makes your abode look engaging from the sidewalk and helps frame your windows with a polished look.

When choosing the best trim for your house, there are three factors you should keep in mind. First is the design, which consists of the lines, edges, shaping, and cohesion with existing features. The second is the color, which depends on whether you want a contrasting or complementary look between your trim and adjacent design facets. The last factor is the material you choose: wood, vinyl, or fiber cement.

If you incorporate these three elements into your decision, your window trim will add design depth to your architectural design. It will also make a lasting impression on any guest or passer-by.

Use Outdoor Lighting

Aside from being essential during nighttime, outdoor lighting can also augment the aesthetic of your exterior house features. Strategic placement can illuminate your driveway, walkways, lawns, gardens, and various design elements. Choosing light fixtures with a striking look lends itself to the value of your curb appeal.

Don’t Ignore Your Door

As the central part of your home’s facade, your door is an integral element of your exterior design. Take time to plan your door selection and choose a style that adds a unique and charming quality to your house.

If you want a design update without spending big, you can opt for a fresh coat of bright paint on your door. One idea to add personality is to use iron or wood-tone neutral colors with custom architectural details.

Work on Your Next Project With a Professional Custom Builder

If you want to add new exterior house features, you should call a licensed expert to do the job. Working with a reputable custom builder ensures quality design and construction for your project. Whether you want a modern style or a timeless classic, you can relay your ideas to your builder and watch them bring your vision to reality. 

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Exterior House Features That Will Increase Your Curb Peal