Computing Software Engineering MSc

Each activity can be built in any number of steps from 1 through to 5, which makes it possible to tailor the program. This is particularly useful for those children who can only make a switch press with a great amount of effort – where having to press the switch five times to complete a picture would be too much. The menu screen allows the program to be set up to meet different needs, ranging from a reward of the whole activity requiring just one switch press, to quite complex turn taking and switch activities using two switches. The program offers a wide range of activities which can be configured to suit individual users’ needs. In this way the same kind of activities can be used with a variety of learners and for different purposes.

  • A collection of Virtual Machines is a cloud, and this module allows you to get experience with the development of your own cloud using appropriate platforms.
  • It is possible to obtain patent protection at the UK IPO, the EPO and the US PTO for computer software inventions.
  • Operating system and advanced programming will be taught along with a communication technologies module.
  • Our dedicated careers team brings you information, advice and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

These instructions are not compiled and have to be interpreted either by the browser or by interpreters on the server . We use the term System Software for software which is primarily used to operate the hardware. Transfer between this course and other similar courses within the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment may be possible on the basis of academic performance and availability of places. The University accepts a range of alternative combination of qualifications including OCR Nationals and OCR Cambridge Technicals.

Communicating and Teaching Computing

The interpreter for the language produces the result using whichever standard algorithms it has been given for doing so. If the University discontinues any courses, it will use its best endeavours to provide a suitable alternative course. Students choosing a period of paid work placement or study abroad as a part of their course should be aware that there may be additional travel and living costs, as well as tuition fees. Fees illustrated are based on academic year 22/23 entry and are subject to an annual increase. Exemption from parts may be considered based on appropriate performance in a related, designated course or other approved experiential learning .

Learning will be delivered through a combination of lectures, practical sessions, tutorials and seminars. You will also learn important group work skills and will have the opportunity to work with clients to solve real-world problems. As well as formal teaching you will be expected to undertake independent study. It examines both the production and perception of speech, taking a multi-disciplinary approach (drawing on linguistics, phonetics, psychoacoustics, etc.). It introduces sufficient digital signal processing to motivate speech parameter extraction techniques (e.g. pitch and formant tracking).

Nine IP habits of successful entrepreneurial technology companies

Your final year modules from our range of Masters programmes will be open to you. You will also undertake a much more in-depth project which involves a major software or research element, and brings together all of the computer science skills you have acquired. Your choice of modules alongside your choice of project will allow you to specialise in a field such as computer security, human-computer interaction, theoretical computer science, robotics or natural computation. This course is specially designed to bridge the gap between electronics/hardware engineering and computer science/software engineering. The course covers most aspects of software while focusing on the advanced hardware design based on FPGA and system design based on microcontroller.