Advantages of Using Tile Carpet

Advantages of Using Tile Carpet

Tile carpet is usually used as a base for hotels, mosques, or offices because apart from being easy to replace and clean, this square rug has very good artistic value. Yes, by using this carpet we can design the floor according to our wishes.

If you use rolled rugs or regular rugs, the design must follow the carpet and cannot be changed, but if you use box rugs or hotel rugs, you can install them according to your taste, so if you are bored with the arrangement of your stay, you can just change the position of the colors and patterns.

Size and Material

The most common hotel carpet sizes are of two kinds, namely 45×45 and 50×50 sizes. Both sizes can use in all rooms, just adjust the taste of each of us.

Tile carpet has better material than ordinary carpet. This carpet has two layers, the first layer uses rubber and the second layer uses carpet cloth.

Indeed, there are also ordinary carpets that have a layer of rubber but it is not as thick and as good as the rubber that this box carpet has. Because if the rolled carpet uses rubber such as carpet tile, the carpet is very heavy and very easy to install of course.

Different from tile carpet, this rug is in the form of a box cut so even if the rubber layer is thick it doesn’t matter. Because it can be installed one by one and anyone can install it even if only one person.

Here are 6 advantages of using square carpet or Tile Carpet

1. Better Quality

As I mentioned above, this carpet has two layers of material, namely a layer of rubber and carpet cloth, the rubber on this carpet has of very good quality so that the carpet cloth does not come off easily and of course can withstand heat or cold from the floor.

2. Easy to Install

The shape of the cut like a tile makes it easy for us to install, no need to use glue or any tools, just install it as you wish. If you need more information about the business you can visit this site marathonmontpelliermetropole

3. Easy to Clean

This is what I like the most, when we want to clean the carpet we don’t need to clean all the carpets at once, we can pay in installments little by little. If food spills, we just need to take it and replace it with a clean carpet in the spill area.

4. Not Slippery

The carpet is not slippery even if you install it on ceramic and without using glue, because there is a special rubber on the undercoat of the carpet.

5. Looks Attractive

Yes, by using a square carpet, the room looks modern and attractive, we can design the carpet installation as we want. For example, chess models, alternating colors, abstracts, and so on.

6. Stronger

This carpet is more durable than ordinary carpet because if you want to replace it or wash it. Even though it is in the sun, the carpet remains unrolled like a carpet in general. So the carpet is more durable and long-lasting.

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